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If your appliance is from one of the leading manufacturers, we have the solution for you. No matter the appliance, we have the team of technicians to deal with all your appliance needs. If you're in the Nixa, MO area, we'll get your machine up and running in no time!


For over a hundred years GE appliances have been serving households needs. They are an industry leader in innovation that is tailored to the customer's needs. There's no useless features, it's all practical. There are washers, dishwashers, freezers, icemakers, refrigerators, and many more.

GE have outlined three main lines; MONOGRAM, GO profile and CAFE appliances, all of which have their own ‘personality.'


Samsung is able to merge their electronic background into their appliance range. This advantageous feature allows the brand to pair devices, such as your phone, with the specific appliance. This is a handy feature, which is sure to win over a vast number of tech-savvy consumers.

As well as technologically advanced, Samsung offers aesthetically pleasing designs to suit the needs of the consumer. Their ability to create greater space leaves them at the top of many wish lists. Unsurprisingly, Samsung ranked as the number one appliance manufacturer in the United States.


LG has been able to compete with the top brands around the world due to their aesthetic design and inventive innovations. Serving a wide range of appliances, LGs focus is more predominantly centered on washers and dryers.

Don't count out their fleet of kitchen machines, which are steadily rated in the least repaired brands.


Bosch specializing in kitchen needs - dishwashers to be exact, but their excellence does not stop here. It's their dedication to the customer and supporting their needs that ranks them above all.

In operation for almost 200 years, Bosch is a market leader when it comes to appliances. They're also pretty handy with innovative features; ensuring convenience in the number one priority.


If you're after dependability and care (for parts and servicing), Maytag has your needs covered. All appliances are packed with 10-year warranty, speaking to value of the appliance.

There is a guarantee to last, and their laundry machinery is always considered as one of the most reliable brands.


Kenmore is consistently known as one of the leading manufacturers of refrigerators by consumer publications. Their assortment of refrigerators is appealing both visually and mechanically; using innovation to excite.

But it's not only their supreme refrigerator, it's their wide range of appliances that serve a multitude of household needs.


The name might give it away but Frigidaire directs their focus toward fridges. Their simple yet sleek design, packed with necessary features, is a perfect addition at a fair price. Their product is steadily among the leading appliance brands.


Owned by the Middleby company - Viking has a range of high quality kitchen appliances. As the largest commercial kitchen machine manufacturer, Middleby directly increases the credibility and of Viking appliances. Their products are designed for long-lasting, sustainable usage.

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