Ice Maker Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Owning an Ice Maker is a convenient alternative to struggling with untidy, outdated ice trays. Although, the frustration of a broken-down machine is real. Thankfully for you, there's no need to purchase a new machine!

For your malfunctioning appliance, it's as stress-free as hiring an expert to assess your ice maker. Elite Appliance Company has a highly skilled team of experts, who will tend to your ice maker needs, no fuss involved!

Types of Ice Makers We Repair

If you have any of the following types of ice machines, Elite Appliance Company can be of help when it breaks down:

For any of the following machines, Elite Appliance Company team will help:

• Free-standing ice machines

• Freezer ice makers

• Built-in ice machines

• Portable ice machines

Common Ice Maker Issues

Some of the most common ice maker problems are listed below:

1. The appliance won't make ice cubes

If your ice maker is struggling to create ice cubes, it is most likely a water supply fault. Keep an eye out for smaller ice cubes or even none, you'll need to assess the water supply. The water supply will come from lines. When these lines aren't connected sufficiently, or even damaged, this will could an interference to the water supply.

Water flow issues can also stem from a blocked or impaired filter. These filters require replacing at six-month intervals. Our team of experts will efficiently identify the root cause of ice prevention - finding a swift solution!

2. The ice maker is freezing

A lack of ice cubes can be caused by freezing of water inflow prior to arriving at the cube mold. This will result in one frozen ice cube, instead of a series of cubes. A defective thermostat is the most common culprit in this instance. Although, don't forget to check the freezer's temperature, as it may be set too low.

Assess temperature settings and proceed with examining the manual to maintain correct temperature scope. If temperatures are accurate, then it's time to get your appliance evaluated by a pro!

3. Ice cubes don't break free from the machine

This is a usual frustration with ice machines. It commonly occurs when the appliance is set in the wrong method. Thus, your primary action should be to assess your appliance manual to confirm the correct settings are in use.

There is often a metal arm on the outer of the ice-making machine. It is possible to increase or decrease the height of this accessory to control ice formation.

You get ice when the arm is lowered. This is a common occurrence for ice maker malfunctions. If you've assessed all possible causes, and issues persist, we'll be there to help!

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For all your ice maker problems, Elite Appliance Company is here to help! We guarantee efficient, trustworthy and affordable-priced repairs. We know the frustration of ice maker malfunctions, which means we're indebted to your issues!

We cater for a range of brands, including Kenmore, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Frigidaire and Samsung. Get in touch today to secure your repair assessment!